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Centrifugal extractorsTrust is due to QUANDE

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Choose QUANDE Focus on developing equipment for years

Rich industry experienceYears of focus on centrifugal extractors

Over the years, quande has been focusing on the development and production of centrifugal extractors, with stable and reliable product quality, strict inspection and shipment, ensuring high quality of products, complete product models and types, and meeting the needs of different customers

Senior teamExcellent team

With solid technical strength, serious and rigorous scientific research attitude and steady development strategy, quande has successfully built a high-quality and efficient scientific research team

Quande cooperates with tsinghua university, zhejiang university of technology, and yunnan tian 'an chemical engineering co., LTD

Factory productionEnsure product quality and timely delivery

The long-term cooperation between our own factory and supply chain partners ensures the timely and accurate product inventory data and the stable management team with advanced production equipment, strong technical force and quality level to ensure the excellent quality of products and good reputation of service

Technical trainingProfessional training · technical support

Quande has a special user training laboratory, complete equipment, complete functions, and compiled internal training textbooks! Conduct commonsense training on site operation, calibration and maintenance of common fault handling for user personnel during installation and debugging

Intimate after-salesQuande provides door-to-door service to make your after-sale service secure

Quande has a special after - sales line telephone, 24 - hour starting up

Respond within 2 hours after receiving the user's fault notice.




The service is supremeGlobal services, all in QUANDE


When the cooperation has become a habit, make the whole Germany and Mr Zhang sign again

On April 18, 2015, Mr. Zhang visited wuxi quande machinery manufacturing co., ltd. for the second field visit and trade negotiation, in order to establish a good business development...

事始于心 人始于情 离心萃取机始于无锡全德

It starts with the heart and the heart. The centrifugal extractor starts with wuxi quande

On October 28, 2015, a group of 2 representatives from Thai customers visited and inspected the equipment production base of quande company, accompanied by the person in charge of the quande project. Foreign businessmen from Thailand were visiting several centrifugal extractors...

离心萃取机 外国友人为何青睐全德

Centrifugal extractors why foreign friends favor Germany

On July 15, 2015, our company welcomed foreign customers to visit the factory again. This time, the customer mainly visited the centrifugal extractor equipment developed and produced by our company for him...

离心萃取机生产厂家 国外朋友被全德所征服

Centrifugal extractor manufacturers foreign friends were conquered by Germany

On October 16, 2016, the equipment installation and debugging personnel of our company went to Egypt for on-site installation and debugging of two "centrifugal extractors" sold by our company. Key engineer training...


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Wuxi quande machinery manufacturing co., LTD., located in wuxi city, jiangsu province, which is located in the prosperous economic zone of the Yangtze river delta region, owns independent intellectual property rights, a modern high-tech enterprise integrating the development, production, marketing and after-sale service of high-speed analysis equipment, and has a high quality team of integrity and unity....

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H1000 spiral mesh centrifuge
H1000 horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge, is the horizontal rotation, high centrifugal screw scraper discharge screen basket type centrifuge. Wait for the dehydrated slurry to enter...
The results of centrifugal extractor were introduced
Centrifugal extractor is a new type, rapid and efficient liquid-liquid extraction and separation equipment. It works with traditional extraction equipment, such as mixed clarifier, extraction tower, etc...
Comparison of horizontal screw filter centrifuge and two-stage piston thrust centrifuge
In view of the deficiency of the domestic centrifuge for ammonium chloride dehydration, the horizontal screw filter centrifuge was selected for ammonium chloride dehydration...
Principle of centrifuge structure and fault treatment
  A machine that USES centrifugal force as the driving force to separate the suspension of liquid emulsion in a centrifugal field is called a centrifuge...
CTL 650-t titanium centrifugal extractor was successfully applied in 2, 4-d herbicide process
  CTL 650-t titanium centrifugal extractor provided by our company is all industrial pure titanium TA2, with high technical parameters, large length-diameter ratio...

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